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I recently opened a Pinterest account and I must say I am quite addicted to it.

Yesterday, I started a new board called : Celebrity Crushes. Googling for photos of my crushes was quite fun and sure as heck made me smile.

Here are some of them:

Paul Newman
paul newman photo: Paul Newman p-newman.jpg

Morris Chestnut(I have loved him since Boyz in Da Hood)
morris chestnut photo: Morris Chestnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MorrisC.jpg

Jason Bateman (Been in love for over 30 years)
jason bateman photo: Jason Bateman... jasonbateman.jpg

Robert De Niro
robert de niro photo: Robert De Niro robert.jpg

Bradley Cooper (those blue eyes — yowzer)
bradley cooper photo: bradley-cooper bradley-cooper-1.jpg

Boris Kodjoe (gotta love that smile)
boris kodjoe photo: Boris Kodjoe Boris.jpg

Sean Connery (my favorite Bond)
sean connery photo: Sean Connery 01ASeanConnery.jpg

What are some of your celebrity crushes?