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This morning was one of those mornings that it was so cold outside that you just didn’t want to get out of the warmth your bed. Anyway, I finally got ready for work. Went to pick up my usual coffee and a spare, however, today, I decided to give it to the person working in the ticket booth of the subway. She was surprised and thanked me profusely.

Later on this morning, I was thinking about a conversation that I had with some of my friends when I had told them about my project. One friend asked me what I was going to get out of it. I told him that I was not doing it to get anything back. A smile would be plenty “reward” for me.

Later on this afternoon, I got the most unexpected compliment from a colleague, who told me I have the most beautiful eyes. I was a little caught off guard by the comment, but I did thank the person and it did indeed make my day 🙂

I do believe that I have been getting much more out of this than I am giving. It certainly keeps me thinking positively when sometimes, I just do not feel like it.