Once I had made my decision to start this project, I thought I was end off 2012 on a positive note. I went to pick up my coffee at my regular place and I also ordered a cup of tea to give to the bus driver.

I got on the bus and this is the ensuing conversation :

Me: good morning
Bus driver: good morning
Me: Would you like a cup of tea to warm you up ? (It was blistery cold that morning)
Bus driver: Are you serious ?
Me: Yes, just a little thank you.
Bus driver: oh wow, I cannot believe this. This is so nice (she starts to cry and conitnued to have teary eyes until we reached our destination). She proceeds to thank me profusely for the tea.
Me: you are very welcome.

We continued to chat until I got to my destination.
Before I got off the bus, she grabbed my hand and thanked me a again and wished me a very Happy New Year. I wished the same to her and continued on my merry way. I have to admit, her reaction really touched me.